Do you ever walk out of oil style massages feeling heavy, sluggish and just want to go to sleep?

Well, I can give you my personal point of view about it.

I believe that, the fundamental way, most other styles of massage go about it, is not quite complete.

Yes we may have an injury, a sore muscle, a specific alignment in an area that needs absolute work and release. That is what remedial and sport massages are best for, but ultimately while working on muscles, we still need to be aware of the energy in the body.

The energy through our bodies moves through channels that are called meridians, Sens, energy lines, etc in different traditions.

I believe a good full body Thai Massage moves the energy within the joints (through stretches), along the channels and out of the body (through meridian work).

You can think of it as a physical thing or a metaphysical thing, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that by stretching + working the energy lines and the pressure points we draw the energy out, towards the extremities of the body and leave the client often energised, rather than sluggish and tired.

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