The Ultimate Profession: Thai Massage

Aren’t we all looking for the ultimate profession that allows us to earn a living, while doing something fun, healthy and that we love?

I think that ought to be the most common 21st century’s desire and I was lucky enough to find it at the crossing with the previous century.

Yoga is probably the number 1 hit that fits that profile, but for me it never was the choice, I’m not entirely sure of why I never even considered it… instead, Thai Massage happened upon me and suddenly I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. Everything evolved from there.

From the beginning, Thai Massage has been for me something physical I loved doing, that, with time, grew into a real passion. It gave me an identity. A way to connect with people intimately, deeply and a way to help them feeling good in their bodies.

But it hasn’t been all about other people’s bodies, it’s been mostly about my body!
Thai Yoga Massage put me on my personal health path, got me in touch with my body, obliged me to gain an incredible amount of awareness, keep fit, flexible, strong and healthy, so I could walk the path that I preached, and also teach it.

As a secondary effect, at the same time, it gave me something extremely important to me: freedom! A profession I could be independent with, that I could manage the way I wanted, in my own space and time.

I am aware that is something hard to achieve for many people, the business management side of things is probably where most people fall short, falling back onto the safe, old, dependent and disliked job that pays the bills and is reliable.

Ultimately it is a choice, a matter of luck, motivation and resourcefulness.

I do wish you to have what it takes. On my side, I give you everything I have learned since when I started and with honesty do my best.

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