A Better Version of Myself Into a Better Thai Massage Training – The perfect recipe for healing-

The only certainty I personally believe we have about life is its impermanence. Science is telling us more and more that we live in a multi universe which is constantly expanding, the further we look, the more gets created. From these two facts, I derive my personal spiritual belief: that we are here to grow, […]

History of How I Started

I come from a family and a culture where being a massage therapist or a manual therapist of any type was not only not an option, but it was never presented as a possibility of something reputable and with decent earnings. The profession may as well not have existed for my father; therefore, at the […]

What is Thai Massage about?

Nuad-Bo-Rarn, known in the West as Traditional Thai Massage, Ancient Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage (name that desperately tries to break free from the sad connotation that the sex market gives to it) is a very old form of Thai traditional healing, one part of others that constitute the complexity of a healing modality, […]

Thai Massage – a Spiritual Path to Mental and Physical Health

Science is discovering more and more how thin is the veil between physical reality and energetic or spiritual. There is amazing information out there on quantum physics and how our perceived reality is ultimately created by how we think, talk, dream, act and walk in the world. We are energy, the world is energy, we […]

The Internal Side Seen from the Outside, through Thai Massage

Physical, emotional, environmental? Is it one or the other? The body: the external; the emotional: the internal; the environment we live in: the container. What causes what? What influences what? Do we feel, or do we suppress? Does stuff sneak out? Does something filter in? Legitimate questions that could link answers from psychotherapists, massage therapists, […]

The Other Side of Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is quite passive for the receiver, but very active for the giver, who by giving treatments, in time, will develop strength and flexibility. I believe it to be a real discipline of health, meaning, it requires good self-discipline to be sustainably performed. Practitioners need to use their body weight correctly, in the […]

Do you ever walk out of oil style massages feeling heavy, sluggish and just want to go to sleep?

Well, I can give you my personal point of view about it. I believe that, the fundamental way, most other styles of massage go about it, is not quite complete. Yes we may have an injury, a sore muscle, a specific alignment in an area that needs absolute work and release. That is what remedial […]