Advanced Thai Massage Training Two-on-one

Two graduates from Practitioner Training, who have been practicing Thai Massage for some time and feel comfortable with the level I and II sequence. With Valentina,  in Byron Bay.

Plenty of Options

You choose what you want to learn, among the Study material available.

You choose how long you want to learn for.

All in your own times.

When you want and how often you want.

In Valentina’s massage room, in Byron Bay.

The Deal

Times need to be agreed by everyone and committed to, in advanced.

The Price of the 2 on 1 tuition is $240 per person, per day

Calculated on days of around 6hours.

Please contact Valentina directly to schedule your classes.

Study Material

  • How to perform a full body massage sparing your thumbs: using only palms, feet, elbows and knees.

  • New stretches and postures (not included in level I and II) with which to create a deeper work using the body more than the thumbs.

  • Techniques to work specifically on the client’s back (with your elbows) and neck.

  • Un-knotting the spine by rocking the body to regain movement and spinal mobility.

  • Clearing the Energy along the channels prior to the thumb press energy line work. A deeper and more specific approach to the Meridian work.

  • Pressure points and their therapeutic effect.