My Mission: to raise the standard of Thai Massage in the world

My MISSION is to improve and raise the quality of Thai Massage treatments in the world.

Starting from knowing that Thai Massage is an extremely ancient, traditional and very clever form of healing that originates from a 3rd world country in constant need for money; and from the sadder knowing  that because of that, for a long time now, it has been bastardised to meet the requests of tourists  for a sexual market, I pursue my personal mission utilizing  the knowledge I gained from a great Thai Massage Master, to create amazing therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage therapists, who can contribute to the good name that Thai Massage should have, while helping to propagate well-being and body/energetic awareness around the globe.
The more in touch with our health and body we can be, the more in touch with the earth and the positive principles of life we become.

Since childhood I’ve always had an incredible passion for justice. As an adult, I connect justice to consciousness and integrity. I believe that by giving to others the possibility to connect to themselves, to their bodies, to the energy that travels through them, we can help create a better world.

So, if you have only received Thai Massages from poor ladies who are being paid very little, and who don’t really care so much about the intention they put into a massage, then try again. Look for someone who has got integrity, passion and gets paid appropriately for the huge effort this type of massage takes. You will notice the difference, your body and soul will know!

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