Keeta from Brisbane

Jul 29, 2020 by administrator 0 comments

From the get go I have appreciated your detailed and direct approach… From the initial emails to the course content everyday throughout the course. I feel empowered to continue practicing my massage techniques with confidence and I think the various learning modes each day were excellent … the combinations of your demonstrations, the videos, detailed book, opportunities to take notes and heaps of practice was very much appreciated and very well rounded. Your feedback was great and I really loved working on the various types of bodies: getting everyone else’s feedback was important too!
I really enjoyed learning with Karena and Peter and I found their classes so inspiring that I intend on exploring various aspects of their teachings further. Their teachings lent more insight into the Thai Massage coursework and were a beautiful way to get moving in the morning… a type of “easing into it” really. So many lightbulbs moments! Definitely an important part of the course.
Peter’s quality of touch and core work teachings were excellent- I found so much value and practicality in them.
And I particularly admire Karena’s quiet kindness, steady patience, amazing adaptability and fast response in adjustments. An excellent teacher.
Though the thought of going back to Chiang Mai to study Thai Massage was very enticing, I am glad I chose to study with you as I don’t think for a second I would have received the same value, attention, and level of training that I received from you. I sincerely hope to study with you again in the future.

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