Learn the Art of Thai Massage in an intensive, accredited training in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia
Learn Thai Massage in the Traditional Northern style using correct body alignment.
Thai Yoga Massage is perfect if you want to complement your Yoga Teaching with the experience of hands-on practice.
Thai Yoga Massage is an Ideal study choice for anyone who desires a career in alternative healing.
Comprehensive Thai Yoga Massage training,  Individual Attention in small Classes at our beautiful Byron Bay studio.

What do you want from our Thai Massage training?

Whether you want a new career, or to expand your current one;
whether you need a positive change, or just want to learn something for yourself,
this Thai Massage training delivers the deepest knowledge in the smallest groups.
This course is a life changing journey designed to teach you about your body and how to share and spread wellbeing with others.

Are the Training Levels the Same in every School?

These are the levels commonly found in the study of thai massage, most of all in Thailand.
These levels are not definite and established by a centre organization. Pretty much my understanding of it is that every school in the years has created different levels and given those levels names. But what one calls Level I and II,

Who can benefit from learning Thai Massage?

Anyone: Even if you have limited or no experience in bodywork Thai Massage is for anyone interested in healing, for it is a process through which you give and receive healing at the same time.
Yoga teachers: Thai Massage gives Yoga teachers more confidence in adjusting their students throughout their yoga
Yoga Practitioners: Thai Massage is like

Curious to have a peak into the Thai Yoga Massage course you might be interested in taking? Now you can, welcome to Byron Thai Massage School.

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       Fiona , Wellington, NZ

Supportive learning environment with opportunities for personal and professional development. Course delivered in a style which enables students of all levels to benefit from, beginners through to seasoned professionals. Valentina is obviously passionate about Thai Yoga Massage and wants to pass as much of her knowledge and experience onto her students. Yoga practice in the morning is a fantastic way to introduce body awareness for those that are not normally participating in physical activity Flexible timetable and teaching methods make for an interactive and adaptable learning process. Practicing on each other is useful in that students are able to assist each other during the learning process, giving pointers and directions as they go!! Great space to learn in, open, airy and light. Really nice! Valentina is generous with her time, knowledge and attitude, giving support and encouragement wherever possible, both inside and outside the classroom. Notes and written information was invaluable for those hopeless at taking their own!

Thai Massage stretches - Byron Bay beach, Australia

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