Study the Art of Thai Yoga Massage in an intensive, accredited Course in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia
Learn Thai Massage in the Traditional Northern style using correct body alignment.
Perfect if you want to complement your Yoga Teaching with the experience of this hands-on practice.
The Ancient Art of Thai Massage is an Ideal study choice for anyone who desires a career in alternative healing.
Comprehensive training at our beautiful Byron Bay studio Individual Attention Classes are small, with a maximum of 8 students per course.
Learn the art of Thai Massage in Byron Bay, Australia where we combine the traditional sequence of the northern style of Thailand with the wisdom drawn from the traditions of Yoga, Pilates and Mayo facial on correct body alignment and massage techniques.
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This is a short CLIP of
the Thai Massage
'LEG STRETCHES' sequence
taught during the LEVEL I course
at Byron Thai Massage School
Byron Bay, Australia.

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       Ali , Melbourne, Victoria.

Hi Valentina, Thank you so much for a fabulous course. Thai massage is amazing. It was challenging, inspiring and an awesome style of massage. I have learnt so much about myself and my body from the course. Everything from the yoga to the practice was challenging and fun. Valentina you are so passionate about Thai massage and you bring that through in your teaching style. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and your dedication to us getting it right was great. I am dreaming about elbows straight, use your body weight etc. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in body work. I have my guinea pigs all lined up this week so I can’t wait to practice on as many bodies as I can. Thanks for the photos!! For Lani, Her yoga teaching was fabulous. She paid attention to everyone in her class and gave us all her undivided attention. Her yoga was different each day and challenging to my body but I felt incredible after each class. I found muscles and tight spots I never knew I had! Her knowledge about yoga and the body was very comprehensive and she is just a loving kind soul and I wanted to take her home with me. You can let her know I have booked to have regular yoga sessions now I am home so I can keep up the good work she started.

Thai Massage stretches - Byron Bay beach, Australia

 The Ancient Art of Thai Massage is an ideal study choice for anyone who desires a CAREER IN ALTERNATIVE HEALING:

  • It's a satisfying way to earn money from a practical skill that helps others.
  • It is perfect for anyone who wants to complement their yoga practice or yoga teaching with the experience of this hands-on practice.
  • It is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their intuition and sensitivity by feeling the body and the subtle energy running through the meridians.

Even if you have limited or no experience in bodywork, the study of Thai Massage is of  benefit for anyone interested in healing, for it is a process through which you can both give and receive healing at the same time.

Thai Yoga Massage is a complete health discipline that keeps the practitioner strong, fit, and flexible, while deepening the practitioner's self-awareness and breath awareness.

What this course offers is a particular focus on body posture and alignment, both for the safety of the practitioner and of the client.
You are taught to understand isolation of the area of stretch, and the technique of constantly holding a counter direction, which stabilizes the client’s body, preventing compression of the spine and over stretching. 

Every single stretch and exercise of the sequence is taught with total awareness of “the correct way’, ensuring the health benefit is gained with no possibility of safety issues or damage.

Byron Thai Massage School offers 3-week intensive, Accredited Thai Yoga Massage courses  that bring to Australia the hands-on techniques taught in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

This intensive, experience-based course provides students with the practical skills required to perform the Art of Thai Yoga Massage in the Traditional Northern style, with some additional wisdom drawn from the traditions of Pilates and Yoga on correct body alignment.

While Thailand is the ancient source of this classical tradition, in the contemporary context there are a number of factors at play that can mean it is difficult to be certain a course in Thailand will have the desired optimum outcome for the amount of available time there. 


Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia's coast is a wonderful destination for both Australians and tourist from all over the world.
The subtropical climate makes Byron’s beaches wonderful all year around and the famous alternative culture adds character to the town centre.

This course takes place 4 mins drive out of the town centre and ACCOMMODATION is available from local households in Sunrise Beach for very little money and walking distance to the course. Here is where the community helps each other!

The comprehensive training, in the intimate setting of the beautiful studio built for the course and the individual attention offered require that class sizes are kept small with a maximum of eight students per course.

Please email for info on accommodation, when you register for the course.


3 - week Intensive:
  • 19 Oct - 6 Nov 2014

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