Learn the Art of Thai Massage in an intensive, accredited training in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia
Learn Thai Massage in the Traditional Northern style using correct body alignment.
Thai Yoga Massage is perfect if you want to complement your Yoga Teaching with the experience of hands-on practice.
Thai Yoga Massage is an Ideal study choice for anyone who desires a career in alternative healing.
Comprehensive Thai Yoga Massage training,  Individual Attention in small Classes at our beautiful Byron Bay studio.

Achieve Your Goals through Thai Massage

Whether you want a new career, or to expand your current one; whether you just want to learn something for yourself, this course is a life changing journey designed to teach you about your body and how to share wellbeing with others.

This intensive training combines techniques & awareness to qualify you as a Thai Massage practitioner in just 15 days.

Why I Teach Thai Massage

I want to share my knowledge and my passion for Thai Massage to increase awareness and wellbeing in others.

Through Thai Massage I teach others to feel good about themselves and their lives.

Thai Massage helps you stay fit, live well and gives you an enormous amount of freedom with your profession allowing you to create the lifestyle you want.
At the end of my course   Read more>>

Who can benefit from learning Thai Massage?

Anyone: Even if you have limited or no experience in bodywork Thai Massage is for anyone interested in healing, for it is a process through which you give and receive healing at the same time.
Yoga teachers: Thai Massage gives Yoga teachers more confidence in adjusting their students throughout their yoga
Yoga Practitioners: Thai Massage is like applied Yoga,  Read more>>

Curious to have a peak into the Thai Yoga Massage course you might be interested in taking? Now you can, welcome to Byron Thai Massage School.


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       Jill , Sunshine Beach

I felt I’ve experience a solid base from which to launch myself to become a very competent practitioner. I gained heaps and really enjoyed the course. Being a novice at anatomy or any kind of bodywork I found the technical knowledge just right. Felt good to just go with you and trust I was picking up through feeling and experience. The hands on practical stretched me beyond my comfort zone, which I found to be really good, helped me to grow. Yoga with Lani was fantastic; it gave me a taste of what I need to do to look after myself so I’m in the best possible state to help others. Really loved it, great way to start each day. I appreciated your stem approach to pour posture as I can feel it’s the foundation to a good practitioner and from which everything flows. The manual I found invaluable to me, I greatly appreciate the effort you and many others have put into it. I love that it is a work in progress; it makes me feel a part of its evolution. I found it easy to read and follow and when I felt lost in the course I knew that I’d be able to read the manual later and get the gist of it all. I appreciated you, Valentina, keeping it as simple as possible, your competency and your ability to stretch yourself as a teacher to bring people all the way through But most of all your care and backing of all of us.

Thai Massage stretches - Byron Bay beach, Australia

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