Thai Massage Training Formats


The biggest news i have at the moment is that I’m considering offering an INTRO DAY and I would love to know from you what you think about that and if it is something you would be interested in. Please email me with your feedback about this.

The idea is for people to be able to get a practical experience of how the course is set up and what it requires on a physical (strength, flexibility and awareness), emotional (stability) and mental (focus and attention) level.

The Sunday Intro will be the initial part of the entire course. We will be going through the history, the theory, the explanation of how Thai Massage works and the first bit of the Level I sequence: the Feet massage and a few legs stretches.
The practical part will be quite small compared to the rest of the 3-weeks, but enough to get a sense of how the course works.

Intro classes will run every 1st day of each 3-week intensive course, which will be starting on a Sunday afternoon, rather than Monday morning and run for around 4 hours.

From the Monday morning the class will continue as normal, starting with Yoga and continuing with Thai Massage from where we had left off the previous day, but only with the small group staying for the course.

Places will be limited and  priority will be given to students participating to the 3-week course.

The investment for the Intro Day is of $100 AUD, which gets deducted from the course fee if continuing on the same course (availability permitting) or registering for the upcoming one after that.

Expression of interest are taken via email, and availability of places will be confirmed only 1 to 2 weeks prior to the Intro day. In your email/ expression of interest please mention if  you would be coming just for the half a day or if you have the possibility to stay on and continue on with the course, or if you are interested in checking it out for a future course date.


We usually try running 3  courses per year, all 3-week intensive Practitioner Training, which include a Yoga class every morning and the Thai Massage tuition for the rest of the day.


General recommendation is to participate to the whole 3 weeks in one go, but for those who can’t leave work for more than one week at a time, it’s most definitely possible to join for each week separately. That might mean that it could take you a whole year or longer to complete the course, but you can also get a lot of practice in the meant time.

A private one on one revision with Valentina might be necessary in between Level I, II and III to make sure you are up to date to enter the next Level.

Unfortunately, for space, practical and financial reasons we do need to give priority to those who commit to the whole 3 weeks. And here is the catch, being that we can only fit 6 to 8 students at one time, we can only let you know if there will be space available around 1 or 2 weeks prior to course commencement.
But it’s always worth booking for the ‘one week at a time’ option, if you know you have limited time available when a course is on and you never know you might get in!


This is a completely new format designed for 2 people interested in learning Thai Massage, but with restricted time available through the year, or are unable to take holidays at the time of the courses. In these cases, It is possible to schedule private Thai Yoga Massage tuition with Valentina.

The two of you will be able to split the 15-day course throughout a chosen length of time, as more convenient for you and depending on Valentina’s availability.

For example: you could organise 2 days a week, once a month; or 1 day a week, for 15 weeks, etc.

Valentina is never available on weekends and is only available on half of the time in the school holidays. Times will have to be agreed by everyone and committed to, depending on the dates chosen.

Days would be between 6 and 7 hours long with 1 hour lunch break. A Yoga class is not included in this format.

Students will receive a B/W course manual and a DVD of the sequence.

Price: $200 per person, per day. Required number: 2 people.

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