Simone, from Tasmania

Jul 29, 2020 by administrator 0 comments

I have been asked by many of my clients how my trip to Byron was and did I learn anything new from this course……well….I actually have said to all my clients, I think I learnt more with you in just the first week than what I did in Thailand in 5 weeks, pretty much everyone was astounded. I commented to all that your attention to detail and the way you taught the class was incredible, you tweaked us on all that we did not quite grasp straight away, and I felt like you were with us and wanted us to get it right with each technique and movement.
At times yes I was frustrated, because I didn’t CLICK with something straight away, but your ongoing support was fantastic.
I have been performing Thai massage with clients since I got back to Tassie, (at least on a fortnightly basis) which is great, and I feel so much more confident since doing the course with you. I also include some Thai movements when I am doing remedial massage, clients make comments like “Did you just climb up on the table? or Are you up on the table with me? Are you doing your Thai style on me? and I’m like yes yes yes its different isn’t it? my clients really like it as I mix it up on the table.
But I must admit, I get very excited when I know I am going to massage the traditional Thai way, not only are they getting a good stretch and massage, but I’m also bringing my clients to a beautiful, relaxed state of mind and body, and I am getting a workout of my own, it’s like dancing, you need strength, balance, rhythm, and focus.

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