Two-on-one Thai Massage Private Tuition

Private Thai Yoga Massage tuition with Valentina. You and a friend; a Thai Massage program of your choice; in Valentina’s beautiful massage room (in Byron Bay, Australia), all at your own pace.


What & When

You can split the 15-day Practitioner Training program over a chosen length of time. It usually takes 15 days intensive (based on 6 hours days), which you can split in any way you’d like.

You can also choose a slower daily pace, where less material is given each day. This would increase the total length of the days required to complete the Practitioner Training Certification, but allow a slower rhythm, if required.

You can choose instead to only learn parts of the sequence; things you are more interested in, or whatever suits your body or profession best. In this case time is unknown.

All this can be done when more convenient for you and depending on Valentina’s availability.

For example: you could organise 2 days a week, once a month; or 1 day a week for 15 weeks, etc.

I am rarely available on weekends and only available during the second week of NSW short school holidays. But in between the intensive courses and during the week, I’m often available.

Times need to be agreed by everyone and committed to, in advanced.

It is highly recommended to create the time to study, watch the DVD and practice in between the private lessons, so that the class can continue forward rather than being repeated the next time.

  • Schedule

    Days would be between 6 and 7 hours long with 1 hour lunch break.
    A Yoga class is not included in this format.
    Students will receive a B/W course manual and a DVD of the sequence.

    General format of the day:

    • demonstration on both the 2 participants (up to 2.5 hours);
    • supervised practice on each other ( Up to 4 hours).
  • Program

    1. Level I – All front position – 4 days + any amount of days of supervised practiced you will require (minimum 1).
    2. Level II – All side, back and sitting positions: 4 days + any amount of days of supervised practiced you will require (minimum 2).
    3. Level III – Supervised practiced, of both levels: at least 4 days or whatever amount of extra days you will require.
  • Cost & Bookings

    The Price of the Two on One tuition is $240 per person, per day.

    Required number: 2 people.

    Please contact Valentina directly to schedule your classes.

    Booking and payment in advanced is required.