Advanced Thai Massage Tuition

There is so much more to the Art of Thai Massage than the Traditional sequence taught in most 2- or 3-week courses, in Thailand, in the world and here with me.

If you have been practicing Thai Massage for a while and you feel the need to expand your knowledge, to learn new techniques, new stretches, deepen your meridian work, improve your postural alignment and your body mechanics, let’s work on anything you need and want together.

I’m honoured to pass on the knowledge, techniques, extra stretches and energy clearing work that I learnt from a few famous TM Masters, who, in Thailand, work like I do, in small groups. These techniques are what made my treatments famous, allowing for more variety and a much deeper work.

Prerequisite: Students need to have been practicing Thai Massage for some time and feel comfortable with the level I and II sequence they have learned.
In a one on one we start from wherever the student is at and develop from there, working on what they need and what they don’t yet know.

Plenty of Options

You choose what you want to learn, among the Study material available.

You choose how long you want to learn and practice for.

All in your own times.

When you want and how often you want.

The Deal

This Advanced Thai Yoga Course happens in Byron Bay, Australia,
Times need to be agreed and committed to in advanced.

The Price for a one on one tuition is $100 p/h /per person.

Please contact Valentina directly to schedule your classes.

Advanced Thai Massage material options

  • No thumbs Thai Massage: How to perform a full body massage sparing your thumbs and using only palms, feet, elbows and knees.

  • New TM stretches and postures (not included in level I and II sequence) with which to create a deeper work, using the body more than the thumbs.

  • Clearing the Energy along the channels, prior to the thumb press energy line work. A deeper and more specific approach to the Meridian work, that will spare you thumbs and release blockages in a deeper and more effective way.

  • Unknotting the spine by rocking the body to regain movement and spinal mobility.

  • The best Thai Massage techniques to work specifically and extremely deeply on the client’s 3 energy lines on the back, shoulders and neck, from Prone position.

  • How to work the Psoas muscles to release the lower back and hips.

  • Pressure points and their therapeutic effects